Monday, June 11, 2012

Jenna Presley: Dr. Jay's Performer of the Week

Jenna Presley in Nacho Invades America
I've been a huge fan of superstar Jenna Presley since 2006, well before her breasts were supersized! In fact, in my review of Britney Rears 3, which was released in 2006 when Jenna was (reportedly) only 19 years old, I wrote: "James (Deen) roughly jams his cock into Jenna's oh-so-ready vagina and pounds it extremely hard with redline-speed balls-deep strokes. Jenna loves it: 'Oh, fuck yeah! Oh my God, you fuck that pussy so good! Oh my God, it's so fucking wet!' Within seconds, lusty Jenna's mumbling incoherently as her body is overwhelmed with pleasure. Her subsequent orgasm is so intense that I thought she might stop breathing entirely! James, by continuing to ream her hard and deep, never lets her come down from her orgasm-induced high. As a result, she climaxes again in less than a minute (great camera angles)! James loves how her pussy feels when she cums: 'Holy shit!'" Later on in the scene, she exclaims: "That's the best fucking cock I've ever had! That's the best fucking cock this cunt has ever fucking felt!" Don't you wish your woman would compliment your cock like that!
Yep, from the very beginning, I was completely mesmerized by Jenna. In particular, I completely adore her sweet and innocent-sounding voice, especially when torrents of extremely naughty vocabulary flow from it...sort of like like water exploding from a breached dam. She also uses that mouth skillfully to give some of the best fellatio you'll ever see. When it's time for in-and-out action, Jenna's aggressive fucking moves are beyond incendiary, and her enjoyment of sex is unparalleled. In fact, I can't wait to see her fucking amazing orgasms! Even better, her volcanic eruptions are almost always accompanied by torrents of female ejaculate. Finally, I have always been impressed with Jenna's hunger for semen. She almost always swallows any load she's given! Damn! That's my kind of woman! Bottom line? Her nearly-always five-star performances led us here at XCritic to award her a coveted Must-See-Girl Award in 2010.
Of course, Jenna's drop-dead-gorgeous body adds even more to her appeal. She has a beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes (be sure to watch the slide show below and gaze deeply into them), long and luscious legs, attractive tattoos, fantastic abs, and, of course, two of the finest enhanced breasts you'll ever see!
Jenna Presley in Oil Overload 4
I've seen Jenna in several movies lately, and I must say, she's hotter than ever. Let's start with Highly Recommended Big Tit Fanatic, directed by LT for Elegant Angel. My friend--and fellow critic--Don Houston said it well when he wrote: "Jenna dove into her role and impaled herself on his rod, showing she was turned on or at least tuned in on what he was providing. She provided a lot of dirty talk and eye contact too, soon eliciting a wealth of spunk from his balls as she blew him to completion (and swallowed his load)." Don notes the same things I do about Jenna: her aggressive fucking, her dirty talk, and her cum swallowing. All-in-all, this is a great scene to watch.