Friday, June 15, 2012

Daniel Craig James Bond London Olympics Stunt Filming Begins For Danny Boyle

daniel craig james bond london olympics stunt begins 2012

Many scoffed at the thought that James Bond would be making a big appearance at the2012 London Olympics, but Daniel Craig‘s 007 will be making a big splashy entrance at the Games next month plus footage of the helicopter stunt for Danny Boyle’s ‘The Arrival‘ hits.

danny boyle shoot arrival movie with daniel craig james bond for olympics
This weekend Londoners were treated to a low flying helicopter stunt through London bridge for Danny Boyle’s ‘The Arrival‘ film which is being shot for the 2012 Olympics next month. Daniel Craig will be making a big James Bond ‘Skyfall‘ entrace by arriving on a helicopter rope ladder with his theme song playing loudly. It was leaked in April that 007 would be making an appearance at the Olympics and Queen Elizabeth would be making her own big screen debut which caused many to roll their eyes at what sounded absurd. Naturally, when you’re dealing with a filmmaker like Danny Boyle, and the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is being promoted, this doesn’t sound so crazy after all. The filming over the weekend proved the naysayers wrong as Craig was flown in the helicopter shooting it flying down the Thames and through Tower Bridge before heading to Olympic Park in East London.
daniel craig james bond helicopter shot for 2012 olympics danny boyle film
Before Bond makes his entrance, Boyle’s ‘The Arrival’ will show him at Buckingham Palace being given his next mission which is to launch the Olympics. Boyle was given unprecedented access to the Queen’s private rooms to make the film back in March, but the Palace has kept details under tight wraps as expected. It’s been rumored that the Queen will make a cameo which has become more of a reality since that would definitely push the opening of the Games well over the top to match Craig’s entrance.
Daniel Craig is determined to open the ceremony with a bang and he and the BBC producers have pulled out all the stops. The world will be watching and they are happy to go to any length to make sure the stunts are as thrilling as possible. Not only are they giving us Bond, Britain’s most iconic character, but they’re giving us suspense and drama with the helicopters and the Bond theme tune. It will be unmissable,” a source has told the London papers.
That truly would make for a memorable opening Games Ceremony.
2012 olympics danny boyle stunt footage with daniel craig's james bond

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