Monday, June 11, 2012

Full Photo Set Of Mia Moore At The 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships

Atlanta, GA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- The Newcomer Division of the 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships, held in Atlanta Georgia at the Pink Pony Gentlemens Club, was jam packed with new and talented ladies. Feature Entertainers that have just begun their traveling Feature Dancing careers or have been out on the road for less that a couple years. One of those talented ladies was Mia Moore. We have worked with Moore a handful of times in the Midwest while she competed in the Skindustry series of Exotic Contests, and we already knew how sexy she could be. During the 2012 EDNC Pageant Mia Moore took command of the stage and finished the weekend with an impressive showing finishing as the Second Runner Up in the Newcomers Division after making it to the Final 3 on the last night of the show.