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Full Photo Set Of Prinzzess Felicity Jade At The 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships

Atlanta, GA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  The 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships were held recently in Atlanta Georgia at the Pink Pony Gentlemens Club.  There were 23 of the top Feature Entertainers in the Exotic Dancing Industry at the annual Nude Dance Pageant. There were a handful of cross over stars there and the beautiful Prinzzess Felicity Jade was one of them. By cross over stars we mean girls that do Adult Movies and Feature Dancing. Yes we know there are several different definitions of cross over star, but for this event it means just what we said above.
Prinzzess Felicity Jade has appeared in tons of adult movies as a contract star for  Girlfriends Films, and as we seen during the 2012 EDNC in Atlanta, she is a pretty accomplished Feature Dancer as well. We have some photos of Prinzzess on stage during the  weekend at the EDNC Pageant. We hope you enjoy them….
Don’t forget you can vote for Prinzzess Felicity Jade  in the Exotic Dancer Awards. 

James Bartholet Is In All The XXX Parodies Coming Out This Year

Los Angeles, CA – tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – Multiple Award winning Adult and mainstream actor and radio and television host James Bartholet has several new releases coming out this month and this summer.
Bartholet’s newest releases include costarring roles in “Not The Three Stooges XXX” for award winning director Jeff Mullin Productions and Pulse (portraying the critically acclaimed role of Curly), “Men In Black; A Hardcore Parody” for Wicked Pictures for award winning director Brad Armstrong, (where he portrays MIB director Zed), “Dallas XXX” for Director Andre Madness (where he portrays Cliff Barnes). Bartholet is also costarring in the upcoming Summer release of “Spiderman Meets Superman” for Vivid for award winning director Axel Braun, (in the incredible and much talked about role of Doctor Octopus).
Bartholet currently wrapped on production for a parody of “MacGyver XXX” for acclaimed director B. Skow (playing the role of Pete head of the Phoenix Foundation).
Bartholet, a mainstay in the popular XXX parodies, has been working and delivering the goods, despite a slow shooting season.
“I love working, and things are picking up, and I’ve got some really great releases coming out now. Just buy or rent these movies, don’t download them illegally”, said Bartholet.
Adult movie critic Roger Pipe said this about James in “Not The Three Stooges XXX”; “Bartholet gives an award winning performance, and carries the dialogue perfectly”
WPRK FM in Florida gave the “Not Three Stooges XXX” movie nine out of ten stars stating, “It’s the best sex comedy of the year and a must-see porn, we loved James in the role of Curly, and think he did a better job than the actor in the recent mainstream version”.
Gene Ross wrote this about “Not The Three Stooges XXX”; ” And now I’ll give you every reason in the world, and then some, for watching this movie, which is James Bartholet. Because Bartholet has that elastic, comedic quality about him which allows him to slip easily into an abundance of nonsensical characterizations, call him a victim of soycumstance by pegging him for this role. Long johns, bowler hat and all”
Bartholet’s other recent releases include; “The Rocki Whore Picture Show” for Wicked Pictures (which gave Bartholet his second AVN Award recently in January), “Cravings 2” for Wicked Pictures, “Sexy” for Wicked Pictures, “The Official Halloween Parody”, for Zero Tolerance, and XPlay’s “The Beverly Hillbillies XXX”, and “ Not Rocky XXX” have been doing well in stores and getting good reviews.
James Bartholet hosts the popular weekly “Inside the Industry” with Emy Reyes, now in it’s third year on the air. The radio program is heard Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm PST, and rebroadcast daily on LA Talk Radio:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Daniel Craig James Bond London Olympics Stunt Filming Begins For Danny Boyle

daniel craig james bond london olympics stunt begins 2012

Many scoffed at the thought that James Bond would be making a big appearance at the2012 London Olympics, but Daniel Craig‘s 007 will be making a big splashy entrance at the Games next month plus footage of the helicopter stunt for Danny Boyle’s ‘The Arrival‘ hits.

danny boyle shoot arrival movie with daniel craig james bond for olympics
This weekend Londoners were treated to a low flying helicopter stunt through London bridge for Danny Boyle’s ‘The Arrival‘ film which is being shot for the 2012 Olympics next month. Daniel Craig will be making a big James Bond ‘Skyfall‘ entrace by arriving on a helicopter rope ladder with his theme song playing loudly. It was leaked in April that 007 would be making an appearance at the Olympics and Queen Elizabeth would be making her own big screen debut which caused many to roll their eyes at what sounded absurd. Naturally, when you’re dealing with a filmmaker like Danny Boyle, and the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is being promoted, this doesn’t sound so crazy after all. The filming over the weekend proved the naysayers wrong as Craig was flown in the helicopter shooting it flying down the Thames and through Tower Bridge before heading to Olympic Park in East London.
daniel craig james bond helicopter shot for 2012 olympics danny boyle film
Before Bond makes his entrance, Boyle’s ‘The Arrival’ will show him at Buckingham Palace being given his next mission which is to launch the Olympics. Boyle was given unprecedented access to the Queen’s private rooms to make the film back in March, but the Palace has kept details under tight wraps as expected. It’s been rumored that the Queen will make a cameo which has become more of a reality since that would definitely push the opening of the Games well over the top to match Craig’s entrance.
Daniel Craig is determined to open the ceremony with a bang and he and the BBC producers have pulled out all the stops. The world will be watching and they are happy to go to any length to make sure the stunts are as thrilling as possible. Not only are they giving us Bond, Britain’s most iconic character, but they’re giving us suspense and drama with the helicopters and the Bond theme tune. It will be unmissable,” a source has told the London papers.
That truly would make for a memorable opening Games Ceremony.
2012 olympics danny boyle stunt footage with daniel craig's james bond

Danny Boyle The Arrival Helicopter Stunt Footage – Best Movies Ever

‘Falling Skies’ Season Two All About Fighting Back

falling skies season two with noah wylie 2012

Last year’s surprise summer hit ‘Falling Skies‘ is finally back, and naturally, the action is bigger than ever along with some new characters, including Brandon Jay McLaren who provides some love interest for Lourdes (Sychelle Gabriel).

Brandon Jay McLaren joins falling skies to woo lourdes Sychelle Gabriel
When I first saw ‘Falling Skies‘ last season, I wasn’t expecting much. I think it was more because I’d gotten used to Noah Wylie playing that action-geek librarian so much so hearing that he’d be playing a hero type leader in a sci-fi action series just sounded odd. So I don’t know if it was just lowered expectations or what, but I really got hooked on the show. You can definitely tell that Steven Spielberghas a hand in it as those aliens have quite the familiar look from his ‘War Of the Worlds‘, but this show is way more interesting. Plus Noah Wylie is actually more believable in this role than Tom Cruise was. (naturally his couch bouncing at the time made it harder to watch him play this type of role).
noah waylie stars as tom mason in falling skies season 2
Fans of the show, and even those that still aren’t purely sold on it will have a pleasant surprise with the first four episodes of this season. The great ending for last season had Tom Mason (Wylie) getting onboard the spaceship with Karen (Jessy Schram) against his better judgement leaving us wondering where in the world would this show go from there. The Season Two premiere, ‘Worlds Apart‘, kicks off three months later with the 2nd Mass, weary and ragged but still kicking alien butt. Tom’s son Ben (Jessup Connor) will definitely have the spotlight on him as he’s gone from last years walking zombie to action hero style and he takes a lot of aggression out on those aliens. If you recall, he was once taken by them and given that special back clamp to phone home.
will patton is captain weaver in falling skies season 2
Captain Weaver (Will Patton) is still the Alpha Male in charge, and then one night, Tom comes back only to get shot. Just like in ‘The Walking Dead’, the 2nd Mass’ safe haven of the school is history, and they’re forced to be constantly on the move, but they’re getting more pissed than angry and fighting back hard. The aliens aren’t always the brightest, but they adjust which always forces the team to reconfigure and then someone else gets a chance to take over and be Alpha Dog until Weaver goes crazy again like last season.
While Mason is recovering, we begin to learn some of what the aliens did to him. He also is faced with some doubts about where he stands with the group since he doesn’t remember everything that was done to him on the ship. I don’t think we have to worry about anal probe talk on this show at least! The premiere is actually two episodes back to back, but they always love to say ‘a 2-hour season premiere’ anyway.
The second hour lets Pope (Colin Cunningham) get some spotlight as he plants seeds of doubt about Tom and why he was allowed to even come back after communing with the aliens. At this point, even Tom isn’t sure whether to trust himself. Pope is that character every show like this needs who just cares about his own safety and has not problem saying things that everyone is thinking privately but afraid to admit. Ben’s hatred of the aliens grows to seething proportions, and he’s like a little human supremacist now as he and older brother Hal (Drew Roy) grow further apart. It’s almost like after knowing that the aliens had controlled him last season, he’s taking out all his pre-teen anger and anxiety out on them.
Lourdes (Sychelle Gabriel) finally gets some loving this season as ‘The Killing’s‘ breakout star, Brandon Jay McLaren, comes on the show to play Jamil, the 2nd Mass’ engineer whose career was just about to explode before the aliens changed everything for him. McLaren has become quite the actor who brings so much to every role he takes on (even that dreadful ‘Harper’s Island‘) so Lourdes should not be so lonely this season.
Episodes 3 & 4 will be introducing some new characters along with a new location for the 2 Mass to finally settle in, but naturally there’s problems as usual. Everyone hoping for some Hal and Maggie action will get their wishes fulfilled this season too. She’ll talk more about her past so naturally that always leads to some bonding. Season 2 will definitely be grittier and darker as the 2nd Mass has noticeably dwindled down, but they still have that fighting spirit!
jessup connor and friend on falling skies season 2

Falling Skies Preview Trailer – Best Movies Ever

‘Magic Mike’ Has More Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer & Joe Manganiello

joe manganiello is big dick richie in magic mike movie 2012

Many Channing Tatum fans will be happy that the guy is ending his four films of 2012 with ‘Magic Mike‘ where he takes it nearly all off, and here’s some great hi-rez shots of him along with Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughy to check out.

magic mike matt boner gets one for joe manganiello images 2012
‘Magic Mike’ has been tracking very well, and it’s a good counter programming move for a summer full of huge blockbusters like ‘The Avengers‘ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘. Women with superhero action geek boyfriends now have something that they can enjoy, and even drag them to since the Channing Tatum Steven Soderbergh ode to male stripping is also tracking well with men as would be expected. I have a feeling this one will be that surprise box office sleeper since it’s quite different from all the other big action movies that have hit and will hit. Now that Paramount has set ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ back a year, it gives Tatum fans just one movie to end his four films of 2012. The trailers have all looked fun and exactly what you would think for this kind of film. I think the actors in it are surprising and are pulling in a wide demographic from the big screen and small screen.
joe manganiello stripping to it's raining men for magic mike movie 2012
magic mike russian movie poster with channing tatum
matthew mcconaughy and channing tatum check out guys magic mike 2012
channing tatum shows alex pettyfer jockstrap for magic mike movie
alex pettyfer cuddles up to channing tatum's magic mike 2012

channing tatum tight tee shirt scene in magic mike movie 2012
channing tatum up close stripping for magic mike movie
channing tatum flexing his bulging muscles for magic mike movie
channing tatum strips with matt bomer in magic mike movie images
channing tatum leading the matt bomer gang for magic mike
channing tatum sleeveless magic mike black shirt 2012
channing tatum showing off his belly in magic mike movie 2012
alex pettyfer shirtless with matthew mcconaughy tight shorts for magic mike
adam rodriguez stripping it down for magic mike images 2012
magic mike group scene with matthew mcconaughy 2012
channing tatum matthew mcconaughy magic mike bathroom play
adam rodriguez sailor dancing in magic mike images 2012
beefy alex pettyfer dancing shirtless for magic mike movie 2012
matt bomer playing doctor for magic mike movie 2012
matt bomer in sailor drag for magic mike shirtless images 2012
matthew mcconaughy in cowboy drag for magic mike movie
magic mike brings out stripper matthew mcconaughy spread eagled
matthew mcconaughy is dallas stripper in magic mike shirtless
channing tatum bends over matt boner for magic mike movie

Magic Mike Trailer Overload – Best Movies Ever